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About SRA30

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The SRA30 Spring Removal & Assembly Fixture handles valve springs quickly and safely.  It is a labor savor that increases your profit on every job.  This machine can easily handle triple springs up to 830 lbs.

*Canted-valve head rebuilding is simplified with rotating table (45 Deg front and back) and tilting pneumatic cylinder

*Hand controlled variable speed pneumatic spring compressor holds in any position for keeper removal or installation.

*Compress valves to confirm free turning cam installation and perform lash/shim adjustments

*Mount and unmount heads in seconds on non-abrasive mat and positioning-rail system

*Compressor foot has an open area to ease in keeper placement and removal; especially on heads with deeply recessed springs and cam-bucket bores

*HD pneumatic cylinder assembly, with position collar lock, traverses smoothly on linear ball bearings and massive 1-1/2″ chrome plated solid steel support bars

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