Category: RW Series Rotary Washers


About Model RW120-72

Standard Features:
• High volume reservoir capacities
• High pressure spray nozzles
• Electric reservoir heat
• Safety interlock to prevent pump
  operation with the wash cabinet
  door open
• Thermostat controlled
• Steel cabinet construction
• “Wrap around” spray manifold
• Self-draining door
• Chain / sprocket driven table
• Manual sludge drag
• NEC / IEC electrical system
• Complete fluid reservation insulation
• 2-Inch diameter drain plug
• 0-60 Minute wash cycle timer
• Low water, high temperature fail
  switch to shut gas burner off
• Washer manifolds are designed for
  complete 360o part coverage


• Pump horsepower upgrades
• Electric heat upgrades
• Gas heat
• Rinse manifolds
• Dual-level wash baskets
• Steam vents
• Oil skimmers
• Cyclonic sludge separation


Specs for Model RW120-72

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