Rinse Booths

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Rinse Booths

About Model Rinse Booths

Our closed-loop process aids EPA compliance by controlling and recycling rinse water. Users are able to transfer parts from a spraycabinet or agitating tank to complete the rinse process. This machine is a great accessory for your cleaning system.

Specs for Model Rinse Booths

• Stainless steel construction
• Water temperature control
• High pressure/air boost system
• Air/water siphon gun with extended nozzle
• V-bottom and lift-out floor assist in keeping the reservoir clean
• High back wall and a removable front curtain contain spray

Specifications PHR 500
     Inside 48″
     Total 64″
Depth: 36″
     Inside 38″
     Total 56″
     Pump 1Ø, 120V
     Heater 1Ø, 240V
Capacity 50 Ga.
Shipping Weight 350 lbs.
Floor Space Required 45″ x 60″

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