RG 1234 Platen Grinder

Category: Head & Block Resurfacing

RG 1234 Platen Grinder

About Model RG 1234 Platen Grinder

The RG 1234 is the finest platen grinder on the market today. All the features you want at an affordable price.

Specs for Model RG 1234 Platen Grinder

• Belts change quickly via front opening & cam lock system
• Drop-front cover allows surfacing over-hung parts
• Heavy-duty platen is thru-hardened and precision ground
• Machined rollers for smooth operation
• 40 and 80 grit belts standard

Specifications RG 1234
Grinding Surface Length 34″
Belt Size 11 7/8″ x 91″
Drive Motor, HP 3
Electrics 240V, 3Ø
     Electrics 240V, 1Ø
     Dust Collector Optional
Working Height 39″
Length 50″
Depth 26″
Shipping Weight 670 lbs.
Floor Space required 36″ x 52″

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