248 Glass Bead Cabinet

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248 Glass Bead Cabinet

About Model 248 Glass Bead Cabinet

Glass bead blasting is useful for quickly cleaning and prepping the surfaces of metal parts without significant metal removal. The Model 248 is designed for maximum versatility and simplicity to enable an operator to perform dozens of different cleaning and finishing operations efficiently and easily

Specs for Model 248 Glass Bead Cabinet

• Clamshell type cabinet
• High-flow pressure regulator, gauge and filter
• Gloves are removable from ports for easy replacement
• Glass beads and blow-off gun are included
• Dust collection/bead reclaim system
• SDC 190A, dust cabinet, is optional with Model 248

Specifications Model 248
Inside Dimensions 24” x 48”
Inside Working Height 22”
Floor Space Required 36” x 62”
Window Size (Safety Plate) 10” x 20”
Cabinet Construction 16 ga.
Gun Type Control Foot Valve
Nozzle/Air Jet Material Carbide
Typical Air Requirement 12-18 CFM @ 80 PSI
Reclaimer Blower Motor, HP 1/2 – 120V
Port Size 8” Diameter
Dust Bag Size 27 sq. ft.
Bead Capacity, Hopper 20 lbs.
Recommended Beads 60-100
Shipping Weight 520 lbs.

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