Batch Flow Through Washers

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Batch Flow Through Washers

About Model Batch Flow Through Washers

These spraycabs have the flexibility to perform many different types of cleaning with high-pressure spray manifolds that traverse back and forth completely surrounding the parts that are being cleaned. D72 and D96 models have automatic sequential controls. Simply set your desired clean and rinse time cycles and the machine will operate automatically without an attendant having to reset the timers between the wash and rinse cycles.

Specs for Model Batch Flow Through Washers

• Air-lift, vertical sliding doors
• Automatic steam exhaust blower
• Automatic float-controlled rinse water diversion
• Positive, mechanical manifold traverse
• Two roller conveyors with stands

Specifications D72 D96
Width 30″ 50″
Length 72″ 96″
Conveyor Width 30″ 30″
Height, Doors Closed 110″ 114″
Height, Doors Fully Raised 129″ 161″
Work Conveyor Height (Above Floor) 36″ 36″
Load Capacity 1,800 lbs. 5,000 lbs.
Pump Motor 208-240/480V, 3Ø 208-240/480V, 3Ø
Pump Horsepower 10 HP 15 HP
Pump Output @ 65 PSI 200 GPM 280 GPM
Number of Seals None None
Heater Wattage (Electric) 36 KW 36 KW
Burner BTU (Gas) 150,000 150,000
Full Load Amps (Elect.) @ 240V, 3Ø 135 185
Full Load Amps (Gas) @ 240V, 3Ø 35 50
Solution Capacity 300 Gal. 580 Gal.
Cabinet Construction 12 Ga. 10 Ga.
Drain Valve Size 3″ NPT 3″ NPT
Rinse Cycle:
     Air Requirement @ 80 PSI 10 CFM 15 CFM
     Water Requirement 5 GPM 5 GPM
     Steam Exhaust Blower, CFM 200 200
     Steam Exhaust Blower Motor, HP 1/3 1/3
     Exhaust Vent 6″ Dia. 6″ Dia.
Shipping Weight 4,900 lbs. 7,000 lbs.

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