65 Agitating Parts Washer

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65 Agitating Parts Washer

About Model 65 Agitating Parts Washer

Peterson Wash & Blast Systems is proud to give our customers a range of choices in agitating parts washer. These parts washers will allow your shop to clean up to 4,500 pounds of parts and produce great results. Our unique agitation system provides unparalleled cleaning speeds and greater load capacities. Another great buy for your shop!

Specs for Model 65 Agitating Parts Washer

• Double-welded, all-steel construction
• Fiberglass insulated shell and stainless steel lid for maximum heat retention
• Heavy-duty steel grate
• The most trouble-free agitation system on the market
• V-bottom for easy draining and cleaning (models 200-1100)
• No seals below solution level

Standard Equipment:
• Thermostat controls and safety devices
• Drain valve

Specifications 65
Inside Dimensions 22″ x 36″
Grate-to-lid 18″
Inside Tank Height 36″
Height, Lid Open 53″
Load Capacity 350 lbs.
Liquid Capacity 50 Gal
Floor Space Required 26″ x 48″
Agitation Motor, HP 1/2
# of Agitation Propellers 1
Electric Pwr., Std. Motor 120/240V, 1Ø
Electric Pwr., Std. Heater 240V, 1Ø
Gas Burner, BTU N/A
Electric Heater, KW 4
Tank Shell 12 Ga.
Insulation Thickness, Walls 1″
Insulation Thickness, Lid 1″
Parts Basket 20″ x 35″
Lifter Bar (Opt. on 65) 34″
Drain Valve Size, NPT 1 1/4″
Shipping Weight 390 lbs.

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