About Peterson Wash & Blast Systems.







Peterson Wash & Blast Systems better known as Peterson Machine Tool has a long and varied presence in the automotive machine shop equipment manufacturing area. Mr. Peterson started out in 1948 in Kansas City MO with a solid stone push over surfacing machine that was so durable and popular that we still get calls for it this day.  With the change from in frame engine overhauling to complete engine rebuilding, Peterson Machine Tool responded with the ever changing field.  We developed more accurate surfacing machines and partnered with several other companies to market a complete line of machine shop equipment.  In 1978, Kansas Instruments was acquired as a subsidy of Peterson in Council Grove KS.  The KI brand specialized in sheet metal construction which included our first wash cabinet and cylinder hones. Peterson Machine Tool and Kansas Instruments became the leading manufacturer of cleaning equipment.


The Peterson side was busy building flywheel grinders and the TCM25 seat and guide machine, that would become the industry standard for many years.  As we all know, the automotive machine shop industry has changed and so has Peterson Wash & Blast Systems.  In 2004, the company was purchased by Industrial Ventures Inc out of Wichita, KS  and all operations were moved to the KI building in Council Grove KS.  We now have a complete manufacturing facility, under one roof, in the center of the US.  We start with steel and end with a quality, powder coated piece of equipment that is shipped world wide.  We have our own engineering staff so custom orders are not a problem for us here at Peterson.   Our equipment has a broad industrial market appeal, not only for the automotive industry, we have parts washers in facilities all over the world.

The staff here at Peterson Wash & Blast Systems takes pride in our quality of equipment and personal service to all of our customers worldwide. We continue to strive to build high quality products with enough variety to fit within most budgets.







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